Practical Influence™
works with corporations, government agencies and civic groups to provide them with the skills and understanding to become better negotiators and communicators. In the context of speeches, seminars, breakout sessions and faculty retreats together with my/our clients, we come to know and apply the techniques of the most successful communicators in our society from the trial tactics of seasoned litigators to the seemingly impossible insights of psychics.

  Practical Influence™
Influencing with Integrity!




Most Requested programs


Negotiations 101
Course designed to introduce individuals to basic concepts and to help clients develop their own unique negotiating styles.
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Communicate Like a Politician . . . with Integrity
Learn simple straightforward techniques that create powerful results. Be more effective in the relationships that mean the most to your success.

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Difficult Negotiations
Learn how to deal with the most bitter transactions with style and grace.


Influenced Negotiations

A highly interactive, entertaining and informative presentation, designed to identify, counter and apply the most powerful psychological ploys used by today's most successful "Compliance Professionals".


Negotiating With Clients

Stop trying to undercut the competition in order to sell your products and services at ridiculously low prices. Learn how to educate clients to understand that the cheapest product does not lead to the best value.


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President, Practical Influence™
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